Joe Biden's Pick for HHS Head Is Absolute Garbage, Republicans Must Reject Him

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If Joe Biden takes office in January, a hopefully GOP led Senate (assuming the Georgia run-offs turn out well) will get an immediate test of their mettle. That’s going to come in the form of Biden’s nominees, which appear to only be getting worse and worse. Neera Tanden to head the Office of Management and Budget was ridiculous enough. You’ll recall that she was a primary spreader of Russian collusion conspiracy theories and was also caught outing a sexual harassment victim (see Biden Wants a Wild Conspiracy Theorist as OMB Head, Republicans Laugh Uncontrollably).


Now, Biden wants to make California Attorney General Xavier Becerra leader of Health and Human Services.

Becerra has no experience in the health sector, instead serving as a political hitman on the legal front for California’s left-wing leadership. You may remember his name because he’s the same guy who tried to prosecute people for revealing Planned Parenthood was selling baby parts. That revelation came via a series of undercover videos, most of which are stomach-turning. But instead of going after the bad actors who were literally illegally selling baby parts, Becerra decided to go after the group that made the videos. To this day, he’s taken zero action, nor held any real investigation involving Planned Parenthood’s actions.

That’s apparently enough for Joe Biden to tap him to lead HHS. That and Becerra being a big defender of Obamacare, which is obviously playing a role in this pick as well. Regardless, you want a perfect illustration of the swamp? This is it. Becerra is someone with zero experience being put in a position of power simply because they used the legal system to target the enemies of the left. Joe Biden is not a moderate, and he’s not going to unify anyone. He’s a return to the status quo, and the status quo was corrupt garbage.


To be frank, Republicans must reject this guy. There is absolutely no excuse to give this guy a position of power after what he’s shown himself to be. I don’t care about bi-partisanship or giving Biden his cabinet (something Lindsey Graham said he deserves). He can have no cabinet at all for all I care. If Republicans get the GOP the Senate back after the Georgia run-offs, they will have one single mandate: That is to stop Biden from putting radicals in positions of power. If they can’t be counted on to do that, then they are worthless. And any Republican who goes along with this, whether it be Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, or whoever, should be kicked off their committee assignments and alienated until their next elections. At some point, the party has to stand up. If Biden makes this pick, it must be defeated. In fact, the current Republican Senate should make it clear this is a non-starter.

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