Tucker Carlson Rips Dr. Fauci and Nancy Pelosi in Blistering Monologue

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Yesterday, RedState reported on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s sudden change of heart about opening schools (see The Exalted Doctor Fauci Changes His Mind Again Because Our Experts Are Cowards). That came after he spent most of the year refusing to back President Trump’s calls to do just that. It’s almost like so much of Fauci’s advice was politically timed, right?


None of that sat well with Tucker Carlson. He went on air last night and unleashed a blistering monologue targeting Fauci, Nancy Pelosi, and our expert class in general.

Carlson begins by explaining what has been going on in New York. Mayor Bill de Blasio had spent months giving arbitrary rulings to keep schools closed based on nothing more than the whims of the teacher’s unions. Just two weeks ago, schools were closed again in the city. This time, though, the parents decided they had had enough. Things are now opening back up, after the mayor found himself on the receiving end of harsh criticism and pushback.

As Carlson notes, nothing actually changed from a scientific standpoint, and it’s true in regards to Dr. Fauci’s shift as well. There was no vaccine delivered or new research on school-age children that has prompted the sudden support to keep schools open by our expert class. In fact, we’ve known all this data since at least the early summer. Europe re-opened their schools early with no real issues and study after study found that 1) children were not good spreaders of the virus and 2) that they suffered almost no risk from it, if they do get it. Carlson pushed that point by noting that not a single school age child has died in New Jersey, and in a state of 40+ million like California, you can count the deaths on one hand. Far, far more school age children have been harmed due to lock downs from suicide, substance abuse, and domestic violence.


Carlson wasn’t done though. He then played a clip from July of Nancy Pelosi where she essentially accused the administration of trying to kill children by wanting to open up the schools. In reality, Pelosi had zero data to back up her position, nor did CNN attempt to ask her for any. Ironically, despite her pronouncement, she was far more responsible for hurting “our children” in the end. Think about that, and and ponder just how terrible our ruling class really are.

The ending note of the monologue was on Scott Atlas, who was viciously attacked all summer and into the fall by the media, Democrats, and figures like Fauci. In the end, as I pointed out earlier today before stumbling on this Carlson clip, Atlas was correct. All his detractors were wrong.

Our experts are cowards, but they are also blatantly political and cynical. Dr. Fauci could have been promoting the data about schools being safe months ago. Instead, he waited until after the election, and that was not a coincidence. So much of the response to the pandemic has been nakedly political, and Fauci has been as guilty as anyone. These people deserve every roasting they get.


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