The Exalted Dr. Fauci Changes His Mind Again Because Our Experts Are Cowards

Erin Scott/Pool via AP

Dr. Anthony Fauci appears to have threaded the needle. The past few months he’s been making the media rounds attempting to up his profile for Joe Biden, who has now committed to keeping Fauci in a top advisory role regarding the coronavirus. Of course, that’s a completely different issue than whether Fauci deserves to retain that job. The answer to that question appears to be a resounding no in my opinion.


On that topic, Fauci has once again changed his mind on a major issue regarding the current pandemic. After months of essentially accusing people who want to open schools of being grandma killers, the exalted expert now agrees that schools need to be open.

Why the change of heart? There’s not much reason because this was all patently obvious many months ago. Europe re-opened schools early in the summer and to this day we haven’t seen any real major outbreaks. There certainly haven’t been enough infections traced to schools to justify their closing. Yet our experts insisted it would be incredibly dangerous. In fact, New York is still having this battle, with the pro-open side only just now seeming to win the war, though with de Blasio, who knows how long that will last.

So if massive shifts in the science don’t explain this, what does? I think it’s simply cowardice. Our stalwart bureaucratic class forever seek to cover their own rear ends. You know what’s much safer politically than making the tough decision to open schools? Telling everyone to wear mostly useless masks and pushing lock downs. Fauci has less to lose by being late to the party constantly, changing his mind on key issues, than he does sticking his neck out in the first place and doing what is right.


America deserves better experts. We deserve a bureaucratic class that cares less about their own egos and job security than doing the right thing, even when the right thing doesn’t line up with what CNN wants. But Fauci has done the opposite, trying to ingratiate himself to the ruling and media class while ignoring the science in so many cases, all the while insisting others aren’t following the science. It’s quit the racket.

And somehow, all of this had led to Fauci essentially getting a promotion in a probable coming Biden administration. Go figure.

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