Media Hot Takes About Biden Appointees Expose the True Moral Rot of D.C.

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You’d think the media would at least let Joe Biden officially take office before reinforcing every awful thing about the Washington establishment. But nah, they are full bore with the hot takes that expose just how morally depraved and unimpressive our ruling class truly are.


Case in point? The “adults in the room” takes we are seeing from the media which purport that Biden’s incoming cabinet will be a welcome return of “experience” in the White House.

PBS flack Yamiche Alcindor went even further, describing figures like Jake Sullivan and Antony Blinken as the “Avengers” coming to save us all from the “craziness” (see PBS’ Yamiche Alcindor Shares a ‘Democrats Say’ Moment, and It’s Everything Wrong With D.C.). Yet, it’s worth asking exactly what we are being saved from here.

As I opined a few days ago, I’m pretty confused as to how no new wars and peace breaking out across the Middle East is something to be loathed.

But again, this is the moral depravity of the establishment in D.C. on full display. While the peons are told by their intellectual betters that morality begins and ends with whether Trump had an affair over a decade ago, the real moral issues of our government are ignored. I don’t know about you, but I find the deaths of 500,000+ people in Syria and Libya being turned into a slave market to be far more relevant than Trump’s mean tweets. I also find it far more relevant that Biden’s coming appointments have been wrong about every major foreign policy initiative of the last two decades, and that’s only because they mostly aren’t old enough to have been wrong for three decades.


A media that truly contained intellectual girth would understand that “experience” does not mean good experience. That Jake Sullivan has been around the block, hacking for Hillary Clinton and Biden’s Senate career, does not mean he’s a welcome return to the foreign policy status quo that has produced so much needless death and ineffective diplomacy. You’d think a news industry that once ran counters for troop deaths under George W. Bush would have just a little bit of a pause about ushering out a Trump presidency that fostered peace in places everyone insisted there couldn’t be peace. I’m still struck by that viral clip of John Kerry asserting that there absolutely can be no Arab peace without folding to the Palestinians. How’d that work out?

The truth is, Jake Sullivan, Antony Blinken, John Kerry, and the rest have no special understanding of foreign policy. In fact, they are political morons whose records are more rife with failure than that of the Cleveland Browns. But even then I’m misspeaking because at least the Browns have finally attained a winning record this year as the NFL season enters the final stretch.

The media touting the “experience” of these people is the true moral rot of Washington. It’s not about what sins a person may commit in their personal life. That’s between them and God. Rather, it’s the generalized depravity that continues to put people in power who do nothing but cause pain and suffering across the globe. No one ever pays a price for being wrong, not even when it costs thousands of lives. They just get promotions and fawning coverage from a media that could not care less about the wants and hurts of individual people, not just in the United States, but anywhere. What exactly is moral about that? The answer is nothing.


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