Arizona's Secretary of State, Who Oversees Voting, Is Apparently an Anti-Trump Nutter

Feeling comfortable about our election process, yet? Arizona is one of the closest states in the race as far as the presidential election goes. The count has dwindled to just several thousand votes despite multiple media outlets calling things over the night of the election.


Regardless of how things turn out in the end, the legitimacy of the election has been called into question for a large portion of GOP voters. As was already exposed, Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State proclaimed the state as being won by Joe Biden before the first vote was counted. He’d later try to back-track, but the insinuation was clear. As long as he was in charge, Trump was not going to win his state.

Things are apparently just as bad in Arizona. The Secretary of State there has been revealed as an anti-Trump nut job. I’m sure she’s a complete professional otherwise, right?

Here we have a Secretary of State, a woman who is over the voting system in her state, proclaiming that voters for one of the top candidates for president are neo-nazis. Did her opinion change between 2017 and 2020? Considering she’s got Black Lives Matter and her pronouns in her bio, I’m going to take a pretty solid guess it hasn’t. This woman isn’t just a hardcore liberal. She’s as woke as a leftist can get.


But Trump voters are supposed to sit back and pretend none of this matters. That the rampant bias shown by someone who oversees a state with one of the worst voting systems in the country has no affect at all on her ability to do her job fairly. I was born, but I wasn’t born yesterday.

Remember that Arizona is still counting votes right now. It’s been over a week since the election. That’s absolutely insane and yet another black mark on our voting process. None of this acceptable, and no one, including the breathless squishes on the right saying everyone should just move on, should expect GOP voters to feel comfortable with this. The time for rolling over ended before Trump took office.

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