New: Joe Biden and Family Now Caught Up in Multi-Million Dollar Chinese Loan Scandal

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The corrupt web woven by Joe Biden and family continues to get more intricate. We’ve now see connections to Ukraine, including a meeting brokered with a Burisma associate, and dealings in Kazakstan. Multiple pieces of evidence also connect Joe Biden directly to possible payments for allowing the use of his name to peddle influence. One of those pieces of evidence includes a name source and business associate for Hunter Biden himself.

Yet, things continue to get worse. The latest news shows that Joe Biden and company were doing exactly what the rabid left have been accusing Trump of all these years. Namely, they were in hock to the Chinese via extremely sketchy and large loans.

That sure sounds like money laundering. The money goes to an LLC in Joe Biden’s home state where the money is then passed through to Hunter Biden. Connect that to the other emails stating that Joe Biden was getting a cut of the proceeds and this starts to look really, really bad.

Did the Biden’s pay this money back? Why were they seeking a $5M loan for anything, much less from the Chinese? If this is “middle-class” Joe, he’s certainly got an odd definition of being middle-class. This is the same guy who made around $400,000 during Trump’s first year in office and then somehow made $16M over the course of the next two years. That’s a lot of “speaking” gigs for a guy who can barely speak.

Of course, the biggest issue here aside from the loan itself is that it was interest-free. No one just gives a $5M interest-free loan to someone because they are nice. They do so because they are getting something in return. The Chinese didn’t just have trust in the Biden’s and feel like shoveling them cash. Every question about why Joe Biden has been so subservient to China is answered by this. The Bidens were benefiting financially in some way via business dealings in the country. That includes this loan. In response, Joe Biden goes out and pretends China isn’t a threat and fluffs it as a legitimate world power instead of the communist, genocidal regime it is.

Everything is falling into place and there’s more still coming. Joe Biden is going to do his best to ignore this at the debate tonight, and we know the moderator won’t bring it up. But this story is only getting bigger, and every attempt to quash it by the media is only making things worse. You hate to see it.

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