Tucker Carlson Lambasts Joe and Hunter Biden, Social Media Companies in Damning Monologue

Tucker Carlson Lambasts Joe and Hunter Biden, Social Media Companies in Damning Monologue
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Yesterday, a major story involving Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and physical evidence pulled from an abandoned computer broke (see Huge: Hunter Biden Emails Recovered, Videos and Meetings Revealed). On that computer were emails detailing a meeting set up by Hunter Biden between his father and a Ukrainian business oligarch. That was all connected to Hunter’s role at Burisma, where he was paid $50,000+ a month to seemingly do nothing but peddle influence. Later, the Biden campaign would all but confirm the details by admitting that there “may” have been an informal meeting that took place. A campaign does not say that unless they are covering their bases and know it’s true.

Right on cue, the media shifted into high gear to spin the story, which some calling it “misinformation” or attempting to re-frame the story in a less damaging light. Also right on cue, the social media companies, including Facebook and Twitter, took the unprecedented step of trying to fully censor the story. They blocked the ability to send the link, either publicly or via direct message. They also locked numerous accounts, including the New York Post, who originated the documented investigative reporting.

Given this is a story that mixes corruption and involves the social media monopolies, you knew that Tucker Carlson was going to produce an epic monologue. He did just that, deconstructing the web of corruption over a nearly ten-minute segment. Here it is, and it’s worth every second of your time.

Tucker showed screenshots of Twitter and Facebook’s actions, and though Facebook limited distribution of the story, Twitter was the only one to go so far as fully censoring the article. He also notes that Twitter’s explanation that they don’t share “hacked” content is blatantly untrue. The president’s tax returns were illegally obtained and leaked, yet Twitter actually promoted that story a week in their news section. Further, there was no “hack.” These emails, videos, and photos were obtained legally off an abandoned laptop. As I shared in an earlier piece, it is standard fare, both contractually and via most state laws, for a shop to take legal ownership after services were rendered but not paid for. Typical agreements range from 90 to 180 days, but some laws can even dictate shorter periods of time.

In other words, there was no reason whatsoever to censor the story, except out of pure political bias. We all know that’s what happened here. Every piece of leaked, anonymously-sourced garbage about Trump is allowed to trend and be pushed on these platforms at will. This story by the Post was completely above board, even providing the actual documents behind everything (something the Times’ Trump taxes story didn’t do). Yet, they were censored and shunned. That’s inexplicable outside of rank partisanship.

Tucker then went into the emails themselves, showing the sheer corruption that took place. Payments were made to Hunter to peddle influence, and there is no other explanation to be offered at this point. That this isn’t the biggest story of the decade is only because the people involved are Democrats. Joe Biden is the chosen candidate of the media, so he’s protected. It’s as simple as that.

Lastly, the idea that Joe Biden didn’t know what was going on has been proven thoroughly false by this release. That’s what the media wants to cover up. The elder Biden was meeting with associates of his son, while his son was being paid to peddle influence. Everyone benefited, and that includes, possibly, Joe, as there’s now a text message out there showing that Hunter Biden was allegedly paying his father some of the proceeds.

In a just world, this would destroy Joe Biden’s campaign. It won’t, though, and that’s a real shame for our electoral process.

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