CNN Doesn't Carry Amy Coney Barrett Hearing, Complains About Orthodox Jews Instead

CNN Doesn't Carry Amy Coney Barrett Hearing, Complains About Orthodox Jews Instead
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Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing has been going on since this morning. She’s handled it exceptionally well, giving a sense of confidence and qualification in her performance. Overall, the fireworks have been minimal, though much of the Democrat commentary has still managed to be incredibly stupid. With no real attacks to execute, they’ve settled on saying that Barrett will take healthcare away from everyone. I guess they think it’s 2013 again?

Unsurprisingly, only one network has forgone complete coverage of the the hearings today. You’ll be less than shocked to learn that it’s CNN that takes that banner, because showing their awful analysis is apparently what they think viewers would rather witness?

How does a news network justify not showing the most consequential political event of the day? Even MSNBC is playing it, because there’s obviously nothing more important. Blathering by Poppy Harlow and Brianna Keilar certainly doesn’t qualify.

But it was what CNN chose to cover instead that will have you rolling your eyes into the back of your head. What’s more important than a hearing on a nominee for the Supreme Court? Fearmongering about Jews, of course. That was what CNN covered as the hearings got underway. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, being the absolutely terrible person that he is, has continued to target Jewish communities in New York while he lets protests and other liberal causes happen unabated. Does anyone think that continued targeting of Orthodox Jews is a coincidence? Of course it’s not, and CNN is right there to spread that propaganda, while forgoing the Barrett hearings in the process.

Though, CNN did finally get into the hearings, once Kamala Harris started speaking.

Why, it’s almost like CNN wants to control the narrative and show absolutely nothing that could give voters an honest assessment of Barrett. They are here for Kamala Harris, though, because they are helpless lapdogs for the Democrat party. That’s what this is really about. CNN is terrified that people might see Barrett and actually approve of her. In response, they are partaking in the worst kind of bias, which is the total suppression of information.

Anyone dumb enough to watch their network will only see what CNN wants them to see. That’s the game.

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