Chris Wallace Rips the Mask Off Completely, Sinks to a New Low

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Moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News speaking on stage before the start of the first presidential debate Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020, at Case Western University and Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland, Ohio. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)


Chris Wallace has been a hot topic of discussion since his recent performance as a moderator of the first presidential debate. To be frank, he was absolutely awful in the role, exhibiting bias that not even I thought he had in him, and I’ve been a critic of his for a long time (see Chris Wallace’s Debate Performance Was Absolutely Disgraceful).

Wallace hasn’t stopped since though. He’s actively chosen to lie about some of Biden’s answers, claiming that the former VP answered the question about packing the Supreme Court when he clearly didn’t. In fact, it was Wallace who saved him by moving on instead of pressing.

Now, Wallace is weighing as if he’s a medical expert, trashing Scott Atlas, who is serving as a senior advisor to the President during the current pandemic.

Who has concerns Wallace? You’d think an objective newsman wouldn’t make those kinds of statements without being willing to back them up. But journalist has devolved into petty gossip at this point. As long as you can find someone, anyone to tell you what you want to her, it’s good to report. It wasn’t always like this, but Trump has thoroughly broken the brains of the mainstream media.


Wallace wasn’t done though. Instead of showing legitimate concern for Donald and Melania Trump contracting the coronavirus, he decided it’d be a great time to cuss about wearing masks.

He continued, “Actually a safety person, a health person from the Cleveland Clinic came up to the first family when they were seated and offered them masks in case they didn’t have them and they were waved away. People in the hall noticed that they weren’t wearing masks, and everybody else in the hall was wearing a mask. When the debate ended, Mrs. Trump came over, walked past me. She was not wearing a mask. Mrs. Biden walked past me to her husband, and she was wearing a mask. So there was a difference in the way the two families and their camps treated the health safety regulations inside the hall.”

He concluded, “I’ve always been disturbed, frankly, that people think the mask is a political issue and wearing the mask or not wearing the mask says something about your politics. It’s a safety issue. The best scientists in America say that they’re a perfect cure or vaccine but wearing a mask today is the best weapon we currently have to avoid getting the disease and transmitting the disease. If there is one lesson from today, it’s here is the president of the United States who lives in the biggest bubble that exists on the planet, and he got it. Through no fault of his own. And so the answer is wear the damn mask.”


Well isn’t that a nice anecdote? This assumes way too many facts not in evidence. For one, the rest of the first family tested negative, so the idea that them not wearing masks while isolated in their seats at the debate was an issue is not backed up by anything. It’s just Wallace rantings for rantings sake.

Regardless, the story here is the President being sick. It should be another science-less rant about wearing masks even when they clearly aren’t necessary. Wallace may think the lesson is “wear the damn mask,” but the real lesson is that no matter who you are, you can’t run from this virus. The Democrat governor of Virginia, who is a doctor and stringently wears a mask, got COVID just recently. What happened to his “damn mask?” Why did it not protect him, Chris?

The truth is, media personalities like Wallace are so self-absorbed that they truly believe they have the answer to everything. It can’t just be that nature (I mean the spread, not China’s role in starting the pandemic) is out of our control in many situations. That’s the hard truth here to virtue signaling journalists that wouldn’t know a medical fact if it slapped them in the face don’t want to face, mainly for partisan reasons, but also because they are simply that arrogant.


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