The Attacks on Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron Are Disgusting, Non-Factual Garbage

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Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron addresses the media following the return of a grand jury investigation into the death of Breonna Taylor, in Frankfort, Ky., Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020. Of the three Louisville Metro police officers being investigated, one was indicted. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)


Yesterday, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron made the announcement of charges being filed in the Breonna Taylor case. To the chagrin of the mob, though, he did not announce murder charges stemming from the unfortunate situation.

And while you’d expect Black Lives Matter and other groups to act irrationally, the media are supposed to be better. They are supposed to understand their rhetoric has consequences and that blatantly trashing Cameron is grossly unfair and counter to the facts. Unfortunately, we don’t have a media that’s better. Instead, we have this garbage.

The police did not “barge” into the home of Breonna Taylor. They knocked and announced themselves, as confirmed by a witness, and Taylor’s boyfriend opened fire first. She was not sleeping in her bed, nor was it the “wrong house” as the previous narrative had said. Her name was on the warrant because of her past ties to a drug dealer. The new boyfriend was not that person and appears to have fired by mistake, thinking the police were actually the dangerous ex-boyfriend. Taylor was up and in the hallway when she was shot unintentionally.


What we have here is a tragic accident. It was not a racially motivated shooting, nor was it even an institutional failure. This was an extremely rare situation where something played out that shouldn’t have happened. Mourning the loss of Taylor is one thing. Making up facts in order to trash Cameron for doing the right thing is another.

But it didn’t stop with Joy Reid. MSNBC is still pushing this incitement trash.

Tucker Carlson also shared a few clips on his show last night to point out the absurdity of it all.

Meanwhile, no slandering of a black Republican would be complete with saying that he’s not really black, because these people are just gross.


The facts are on Cameron’s side. When he said that mob justice is not justice, he was 100% correct. The mob wants blood here when there’s no justification for it. The officer who shot Taylor did not intend to do so. In fact, he didn’t even know he hit her at first. The police were responding to gun shots fired at them. They did not kick the door in and begin murdering people. A system of justice that would charge anyone with murder in this situation is not a system of justice at all. That would be something you’d expect in a 3rd world banana republic, not a just society.

That Black Lives Matter and company are now responding by pushing riots and destruction is not unexpected, but it’s also not anymore acceptable. This is why giving such an organization credibility was always a mistake. The facts never mattered in this case to those people, but Cameron doesn’t have the luxury of ignoring the facts. He did his job here and for MSNBC and other media outlets to trash him over it, to the point of questioning his blackness, is disgusting. They ought to be ashamed of their behavior, but instead people like Joy Reid get promotions. Something is badly broken in this country and it starts with those who claim to be the gatekeepers of information.


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