Corruption: Hunter Biden Got $3.5M Wire Transfer From Russian Mayor's Wife, Paid Suspected Human Trafficking Ring

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The details of the Senate report put out on Hunter Biden and his family continue to be analyzed and there’s some very, very shady stuff in there. As I wrote this morning, it’s got a little bit of everything, from human trafficking to the Chinese.


But there was one piece of information that really caught my eye, both because of it’s severity and because of the rank hypocrisy it is now exposing among the left and their media allies.


Let he who has not taken millions from a Russian oligarch under mysterious circumstances cast the first stone. Since I haven’t, let’s get casting.

Remember when we were assured that Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Fusion GPS hired Russian lawyer for a few minutes and taking no further action was not only grounds for impeachment, but was nefarious collusion that possibly swung the election? To this day, partisans cite that as a defining moment in their false narrative about Trump and Russian. Yet, those same people are suddenly not interested in this.

Weird, right?

The real question is what the money was for. We know that Hunter Biden, being the absolute awful person he is, used some of the money to pay for “private time” from known human traffickers.


But why did this former Moscow Mayor’s wife give Hunter Biden $3.5M in the first place? Shouldn’t that be a question every journalist is screaming from the roof-tops right now? You’d think, but we know that’s not going to happen, so it’s up to right wing outlets to investigate and get to the bottom of things, as per our usual agreement.

Let’s be honest. If this were one of Trump’s kids, there’d be wall to wall coverage right and Pelosi would already be drawing up the articles of impeachment. Further, there would be widespread demands for the DOJ to investigate for criminal behavior.

I suspect that’s where this is headed, and it’s another reason Joe Biden may be more desperate to win that some think. The only way he can protect his corrupt family is to gain power over the DOJ. There’s simply noway everything that went on here was above board. The wives of Putin stooges do not wire millions of dollars to the VP’s son for no reason. Don’t forget that this all was happening while Joe Biden was heading up the Russia-Ukraine policy front for the Obama administration. Was Russia attempting to buy influence? That certainly seems to be the most likely explanation.


Joe Biden must be made to answer for this. The idea that it’s just no big deal that his family was tied up in this stuff while he was in a position of power is nonsensical. Any media figure that attempts that line is simply showing they are a hack. Will Jake Tapper and Chris Wallace, for example, dive into this? Or will they keep their bias by omission game going? I think we probably know the answer to that.

Republicans need to hammer this story home until election day. Joe Biden is not the moderate, simple politician he claims to be. He’s as corrupt as they come and he had to have known what was going on. It’s long past time he be made to answer for all this.

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