Joe Biden's Mind Is So Gone That He Doesn't Know Basic Facts

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden checks his notes as he speaks during an event with local union members in the backyard of a home in Lancaster, Pa., Monday, Sept. 7, 2020. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)


Joe Biden is supposed to be the steady hand. The media see him as a return to the Obama era status quo, where they can go back on vacation and lob softballs every few weeks with glee. He’s got “experience” and makes them feel safe.

But Biden is anything but steady in reality. He’s a nearly 80 year old man who’d be hard pressed to tie his own shoes if requested, much less comment correctly on world affairs.

Case in point? Joe Biden thinks that North Korea doesn’t have nuclear weapons yet.

Yes, it’s totally Trump’s fault that North Korea is closer to a nuclear weapon than before. Of course, they got that nuclear weapon in 2006, so the timeline in Biden’s mushy brain doesn’t seem to make much sense. If he wants to blame someone for North Korea’s proliferation of a nuclear weapon, he’d probably need to go back to the Clinton era.

I suppose that Biden could just be this confused. Perhaps he’s mixing up North Korea with Iran? But even then, it was his past administration that setup Iran to get a nuclear weapon and billions of dollars via a short sunset provision. For him to even attempt to scold Trump on giving nuclear weapons to tyrants is about as rich as it gets. Biden is one of our idiot foreign policy establishment figures who thought that having Iran be the pass through for Middle East policy was a good idea.


Of course, Trump showed how wrong Biden was by getting another Arab-Israeli peace deal done today. The President continues to show how idiotic the Obama-Biden foreign policy alliance truly was and continues to be. It must drive the former VP crazy to know that his entire 40 year philosophy on diplomatic relations has been repudiated, not by partisan rancor, but by facts on the ground and results.

But this is the vapid, know-nothing some want to make president? It boggles the mind, but people are often shallow I suppose. Many would rather have someone who makes them feel good rather than someone who produces results. But the presidency is not about personality or faux appearances of steadiness. It’s about protecting American interests. Trump has done that and Biden has failed at it every step of the way.

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