Watch: Richard Grenell Delivers Epic Rebuke of the Media at His Presser

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Adviser to the President on Serbia-Kosovo Richard Grenell speaks as National security adviser Robert C. O’Brien listens during a news conference at the White House, Friday, Sept. 4, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)


Richard Grenell, after leaving the administration as the acting Director of National Intelligence, is back serving as the special envoy for talks between Serbia and Kosovo. If you’ve heard Grenell speak on the issue before, you know it’s important to him and something he’s passionate about. On that front, a landmark economic deal was reached today between the two countries, normalizing relations and proving the talks successful.

After the news broke, Grenell decided to give a presser to answer questions about what had transpired. Instead, the very first “journalist” decided to skip the main topic and ask him about homosexuality.

That set Grenell off on one of the more epic anti-media rebukes I’ve witnessed. The entire thing is worth watching.

Well, a lecture is what these journalists got, and they deserved every word of it. Grenell launched into the media for ignoring real news and focusing on the same partisan bickering. The question about homosexuality and the Trump administration has been asked dozens of times. There is no news value in bringing it up again, no matter how much the media want to pretend Trump is anti-gay. Grenell then notes that their insistence on not reporting news that doesn’t fit their narrative is why no one trusts them anymore.


When Grenell does finally get a semi-substantive question (asked in a snarky, dishonest way of course) he immediately points out the fallacy in the framing and fillets the reporter in the process with facts. The entire four minutes is just a work of art.

Grenell is going places. This is a guy with the charisma and chops to take on anyone. There’s no chance he sits on his hands in the future in my opinion. He’s biding time until Trump leaves office and then we may even see him run in 2024.

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