After the USPS Hoax Face Plants, Media Move to a New Conspiracy Theory

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A customer wears a mask as he drops mail into a curbside mail collection box in Los Angeles Monday, Aug. 17, 2020. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)


The head of the USPS testified today and dismantled essentially every ridiculous conspiracy theory being pushed by the media and Democrats the last few weeks. No, Trump is not stealing mailboxes, nor is there any effort to “suppress” the mail in vote. Any changes that have occurred where part of long-standing planes that go back to the Obama administration. That didn’t stop everyone from CNN to Nancy Pelosi from putting on their tinfoil hats and making wild assertions.


Of course, because that their latest conspiratorial narrative has face planted, that means they need a new conspiracy theory to latch onto. Enter QAnon, which is apparently the most preminent threat in America now.

If you’ve paid attention to the media the last few days, this has been a constant drumbeat. They’ve been prodding Trump, Pence, and Republican Congressional members about it, trying to claim they support the movement. Of course, the same “reporters” never ask Democrats to denounce Antifa. That’s not to say QAnon isn’t stupid. It’s nonsense pushed by either trolls trying to get a rise out of people or those who are too dumb to realize how ridiculous they sound. But the idea that there’s some grave danger from the QAnon nuts compared to Antifa is backed up by no evidence what so ever. In fact, it’s countered by all the evidence we have.

In other words, if the media are going to fear monger about mobs causing havoc, perhaps they should focus on what we can all see with our own eyes?


People are beating beaten in the streets by Antifa and BLM protesters as they storm neighborhoods to terrorize residents,  yet we are supposed to be focused on some 4chan garbage that has had no discernible impact on anyone?

We know what this is really about.

Since Trump’s election, the left have jumped from conspiracy theory to conspiracy theory. First it was Russia, then it was MAGA related hoaxes, then it was Ukraine, then it was false hysteria about the coronavirus, then the USPS, and now with no other strings to pull at right now, they are on QAnon and trying to blow it up into a major thing when it’s not.

Worse, many on the right take the bait, spending precious time countering a premise none of us should be accepting in the first place. QAnon is a marginal group of crazies, nothing more. They aren’t in the streets burning down courthouses, nor are they shooting people in their cars who don’t follow their commands. Antifa and BLM have shown themselves to be far, far more dangerous and should be treated as such. Don’t fall this bogus narrative pushed by the media.


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