CNN Runs a Chyron You Will Think Is Photoshopped, But It's Real and Not Spectacular

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Here’s a quick Saturday afternoon bit of ridiculousness for you.

While CNN’s bias has never been in doubt, even going back to the 90s, they’ve no doubt upped their hack game during the Trump era. We saw Chris Cuomo just this week lie directly to his audience about the GDP numbers so he could snipe at the President. We’ve seen false news reports, the hiring of clowns like James Clapper, and the deification of Russian conspiracy theories.


But at least in regards to their chyrons, they jumped the shark yesterday.

Apparently, Jeff Zucker’s teenage cousin is running the chyrons over at CNN now? I don’t know, but it’s hard to imagine an professional producer thought that was either appropriate or clever. I mean, if you are going to be disgustingly biased, at least do it in a way that seems like you put some thought into it.

Of course, Keller launchers into her rant and never actually proves the case attempting to be made. As has been laid out many times, Trump has been objectively tougher on Russia than the Obama administration, whether we are talking sanctions or direct military action against Russia and it’s proxies. Trump may not always be the best messenger on that front, but pretending that he hasn’t been tough of Russia is just ahistorical garbage.


At the end of the day, though, there’s only so much we can do. Would CNN feel better if Trump blew up relations totally? How would that help anything we are trying to accomplish? And if that’s the answer, why didn’t Obama do it? We all remember him rolling over when Putin invaded Crimea. The media could barely muster up any criticism over that. But Trump is apparently being “soft” on Russia unless he starts WW3 or something. It’s just dishonest commentary at its core.

In other words, CNN continues to be a joke.



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