Video Shows the Stunning Transformation of Don Lemon From Rational Human Being to Journalistic Wrestler

Don Lemon


It seems like an eternity ago, but there was actually a time when most CNN hosts weren’t rabidly partisan, drooling, insane people. Sure, there was always bias on the liberal network. After all, it was dubbed the “Clinton News Network” early on for a reason, but the level to which they’ve descended is a sight to behold.


Case in point, Don Lemon’s transformation from a rational human being to a heavily-scripted, journalistic wrestler, complete with elbow drops off the top rope. Yes, believe it or not, there was a time when Lemon wasn’t insane enough to giggle about rising murder rates and support rioting.

Tucker Carlson also lit into “Don Le’Mon” last night, pointing out many of the same discrepancies.

My conclusion? None of this is genuine. These “anchors” are simply puppets, dancing to the tune of Jeff Zucker. That just so happens to be a tune they think will deliver them the most power and money. Don’t get me wrong, I think Lemon actually believes in the new level of wokeness he preaches, I just think his transformation was incredibly cynical. One can convince themselves to believe almost anything if they simultaneously think they are becoming more righteous in the secular realm while doing so. That’s how you get a guy previously denouncing the lack of fathers in homes turning into a guy praising the burning down of businesses for “social justice.”

As I’ve said many times, politics and wokeness have become a substitute for real, tangible religion to these people. Their sacrament is cancel culture and their faith resides in their ability to make themselves appear personally fulfilled by destroying others.


The era of Donald Trump has broken the media. While they were always biased, the last four years have caused them to become absolutely depraved and delusional. We can’t even agree that shooting people is wrong anymore. Instead, you get Lemon doing a WWE style back and forth with Chris Cuomo mocking the deaths of children. It’s insanity, but it’s where we are. There’s no coming back from this either. They aren’t going to suddenly return to normalcy when Trump is gone. Their new secular religion consumes and dictates every move they make.

It’s a sad scene. Really, I mean that. The country was a better place when people thought and responded rationally. Now, the place you are least likely to find such commentary is in the mainstream media.



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