Jemele Hill Says the Quiet Part Out Loud About Black Lives Matter

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Jemele Hill is seen at the 2019 Essence Festival at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center on Friday, July 5, 2019, in New Orleans. (Photo by Donald Traill/Invision/AP)


Black Lives Matter has become a major point of contention in the ongoing culture war. The organization, which has taken center stage following over a month of protests, many turning violent and destructive, has been stretched and skewed into something they don’t even claim to be themselves. Mainstream forces have sought to piggyback off their “movement,” largely for political reasons.

As I’ve written previously, this is all a mirage. The BLM organization continues to hold awful, radical views (see Opinion: Black Lives Matter Is Still an Awful Organization). They are open about their Marxist ideology,  their anti-family views, and their views on abortion, among many other objectionable stances. The idea that they’ve been rehabilitated into an acceptable entity doesn’t pass muster.

Regardless, the attempts to excuse their behavior and viewpoints have become a bit of a sport among supposed journalists and their outfits. Enter Jemele Hill, who said the quiet part out loud about BLM this morning.

It’s what she says after this that gives the game away, but I’ll note that Chicago is not lacking for “gun control.” Hill knows this but needs to be spared from calling out the real issue, which is rampant crime and disrespect for life in some of these communities.


I’ll also note that it’s “martial” law, not “marshal” law. Thus is the academic depth at The Atlantic these days though.

Someone pointed out the obvious to Hill and she snapped back with this.

I guess she doesn’t realize how awful of an analogy that is, which is surprising. The organization is literally called “Black Lives Matter.” That would denote all black lives holding value to any normal onlooker. Further, BLM never claims to be a singularly focused group. You can go read their website yourself.

But Hill is saying what many of us realized long ago. BLM isn’t about all black lives. It’s a political and revolutionary movement. The reason they focus on police violence (when they aren’t preoccupied with the myriad of other issues people claim they don’t have the time to focus on) is not because they uniquely understand the danger of government abuse. It’s because it’s the perfect wedge to batter the system, which they readily admit they want to take down. What doesn’t give them that wedge is caring about and protesting over an 8-year-old black girl being shot. That’s why they ignore those issues.

That’s not to say that people who casually follow the BLM movement don’t care about those issues, but the organization itself, which is flush with hundreds of millions of dollars, has done almost nothing to address the murder rates in the black community.


Some will say they are allowed to have a focus and that they simply can’t cover every issue. One, you’d think the issue taking by far the most lives would be a priority, but regardless, this is an organization that has time for almost everything else. They’ve got time to stump for black trans-gender queer issues. They can rally for abortion. They can promote Marxism and black power dynamics. But they simply can’t divide their focus enough to put a spotlight on black children being murdered by members of their communities?

No one should buy that because it’s absolute nonsense. If BLM were really about black lives, they’d be targeting their focus to impact and save the greatest amount of black lives, from police brutality to kids being murdered. They aren’t, though, because it doesn’t fit their political narrative and goals. It’s that simple.



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