'Central Park Karen' to Be Charged for Calling Police on Black Man After Viral Video


The country’s descent into madness continues with news today that Amy Cooper, dubbed the “Central Park Karen,” will be charged with a crime for calling the police on a black man. The incident went viral, showing her having a meltdown after what was said to be an altercation about her not leashing her dog.


Here’s the original video with a bit of biased editorializing from CBS, some of which turned out to not be true.

In reality, the encounter was much more complicated. The man, Christian Cooper, was in fact not politely asking her to leash her dog. Later evidence, including his own admission on Facebook, revealed that he had a bit of a meltdown of his own before he began recording. He even admitted to threatening Amy Cooper, which is pretty good evidence that he was not handling things properly either.


While Amy Cooper certainly didn’t cover herself in glory during the ordeal, I’d humbly suggest that getting fired from her job was punishment enough here. In reality, she did not file a fake police report. She called the police after Christian Cooper made a veiled threat toward her and/or her dog. In that moment, it would be reasonable for any woman to be fearful of a man saying what he said. Is the idea now that you can’t call the police when feeling threatened out of fear of being counter-charged based on racial politics?

Because let’s be clear, that’s all this is. There’s a 0% chance this is ever charged if 1) this video had not gone viral and 2) this didn’t fit the current racial narratives. One of the least pursued crimes in the country is that of filing a fake police report. And again, in this situation, things are more than murky enough to suppose that Amy Cooper had cause to call the police, even if in hindsight you disapprove of her behavior. At no point does she say she intends to have the cops kill him, as many internet trolls suggested.

This entire story should have ended with an admission that both parties acted like idiots. Instead, a politicized prosecutor is going to charge this woman with a crime even after the man involved admitting to threatening her. It’s insanity, but it’s par for the course in 2020.


Amy Cooper is currently being represented by a popular Twitter lawyer named Robert Barnes.

In the end, I suspect this goes absolutely nowhere. But we’ll keep you updated as things develop.



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