Politico Journo Tries to Shame OSU Coach Mike Gundy Over OAN T-Shirt, Gets Dragged

(Brad Tollefson/Lubbock Avalanche-Journal via AP)
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Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy throws the ball into the sidelines during the NCAA college football game against Texas Tech, Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017, in Lubbock, Texas. (Brad Tollefson/Lubbock Avalanche-Journal via AP)


I feel like I’m now saying this daily, but the world has gone insane.

As I wrote yesterday, Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy found his head on the cancel culture chopping block after being pictured wearing an OAN t-shirt. Yes, the left tried to get someone fired over a t-shirt, not for depicting anything objectively offensive or racist, but for having a news network they don’t like on it.

Gundy, as predicted, ended up bending the knee somewhat, filming a video with the player who had threatened to boycott the team. While it appears he’ll keep his job, there are some hot takes still worth responding to, such as this one from Tim Alberta of Politico.

Ok, but what’s any of that have to do with OAN? I mean, you don’t have to be a huge fan of the network to recognize that it’s not a sin to have differing political views. How does “this moment in history” play into not wearing OAN gear?

Others were wondering the same thing and how a supposed journalist could be so comfortable trying to arbitrate what is and isn’t news. That standard plays both ways after all.


Politico is an outlet that pushed the Russian collusion nonsense for years, so going after them for their conspiratorial rantings seems like fair game to me.

What’s ironic is that the woke mob has already come for Alberta. Some conservatives (who can’t ever seem to recognize they aren’t doing any good) even came to his defense. This happened when PBS employees threatened to boycott a Democrat primary debate that he was supposed to help moderate.

But when it comes to cancelling and shaming other outlets, Alberta isn’t there to return the favor by defending the right to free expression and a free press. Funny how that works.

(H/T to Sam at Twitchy for gathering these tweets)



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