Chris Wallace Bashes Kayleigh McEnany, Jonah Goldberg Calls Her "Indefensible and Grotesque"

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White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany speaks with reporters about the coronavirus in the James Brady Briefing Room of the White House, Friday, May 22, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


She must be doing something right.

As I wrote on Friday, Kayleigh McEnany ended her latest press conference by once again doing her homework and being prepared. She laid out the case for why the media’s lack of curiosity into the Michael Flynn affair, and the corruption of the Trump-Russia investigation in general, makes no sense and reveals bias on their part.

This really, really upset some people, as they saw it as McEnany telling the press what questions they should ask. One of those people was Chris Wallace, who brought on Jonah Goldberg and Donna Brazile to vent along with him this morning.

Wallace opens with the typical red herring, i.e. that the Obama-era unmasking of Flynn, the President’s children, and other incoming officials was totally normal. He claims that unmaskings happen in the Trump White House as well. Sure they do, but they don’t involve targeting political opponents after an election in an attempt to sandbag the incoming administration, and if they did, you can bet Wallace wouldn’t be making excuses for it.


Wallace then goes on to play tough guy, claiming that if McEnany had told him and Sam Donaldson what questions to ask, that it “would not have gone well.” It should be noted that Donaldson is an absolute left-wing hack who made his name sparring with Ronald Reagan. Further, the trope being pushed here that journalists are somehow infallible, never to be questioned or pushed on their own failures is silly.

After Wallace’s commentary, we get to the real hyperbole when Jonah Goldberg enters the conversation. He claims that McEnany’s work as Press Secretary is “indefensible and grotesque” and that she is a “Twitter troll.” That seems a little much, don’t you think? She comes prepared and she doesn’t let the press bully her. That’s essentially the extent of it. How that is “grotesque” is beyond me, and there’s absolutely nothing out of line about a press secretary pointing out the media’s blind spots when they refuse to acknowledge them.

What is most ridiculous about all this, though, is the continued assertion that what occurred under Obama (and his appointees after he was gone) is no big deal. Keep in mind, these same people were all in on Trump’s impeachment. But Obama spying on a political opponent is not even worthy of the press pursuing the story? It’s “indefensible and grotesque” to push them to do so? This after Watergate was cited umpteen times in regards to Trump? Give me a break.


I don’t know what Fox News is trying to be at this point. I’m not one that thinks they need to sing the President’s praises, and plenty of anchors and guests have managed to make reasoned, fair critiques in the past. This kind of tripe is not reasoned, nor fair, though. It’s dishonest, disingenuous nonsense. McEnany doesn’t deserve these attacks just for doing her job well.



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