Joe Biden's Mind Melts, Spins Wild Conspiracy About Post Office Funding and Trump Postponing the 2020 Election

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden laughs with audience members during a meeting with local residents, Monday, Dec. 2, 2019, in Emmetsburg, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Joe Biden’s descent into madness continued with yet another nonsensical rant Thursday, this time in front of donors via a remote fundraiser. In his comments, Biden made the charge that Trump would absolutely try to postpone the 2020 election and attempted to use funding for the US Postal Service as his proof.

That’s quite the conspiracy theory. Does Joe also see little green men as well?

For starters, no one has threatened not to fund the post office. What’s been talked about is not providing them with yet another bailout for their completely unsustainable pension funds. Even if those funds don’t meet their payouts in the decades to come, the USPS would simply be restructured. We are not going to stop having a federal postal service in the process, though privatizing the entire operation would likely make the most sense.

Regardless, there is no actual indication we’ll all be voting by mail in November anyway. Things will be far different by then, with the very likely possibility that we’ll simply vote as normal. That’s infinitely preferable given the widespread possibly of fraud with mail in ballots, including the trend of ballot harvesting. In the end, states will make those decisions though.


But even if Biden were right about mail in voting and the post office being shut down, his silly assertion still makes no sense. The President does not have the power to postpone the election. The date is set via three different acts of Congress. The only way to stop the election from happening on that day is for Congress to change those laws. Other entities like Ohio, which postponed a primary election earlier this year, did not have those limitations (obviously, primary election dates are not routinely codified by law). There is no scenario where Trump signs an EO and the election doesn’t go off as its supposed to.

I’ll also note that not a single mainstream “journalist” is gnashing their teeth over this statement by Biden, suggesting it’s dangerous or a threat to our democracy, both charges they’ve routinely made against Trump over his past questioning of the integrity of our elections. But the former VP can spin some wild tale about postponing the election due to the post office not being funded and all we get is crickets.


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