Pelosi Brazenly Lies About Small Business Loan Funding Bill, Apparently Doesn't Realize Video Exists


Nancy Pelosi appeared on Morning Joe this morning to tell a lie so obviously disprovable that you almost have to respect the brazenness of the grift. She did so to the smiling nods of Mika Brzezinski because truth and facts aren’t a requirement for the MSNBC host (see Morning Joe Makes a Whopper of a Claim About Joe Biden and It’s Part of a Bigger Ploy).


Not only is what Pelosi is saying untrue, she’s on video telling us that it’s untrue. You may recall that just a week ago the Speaker of the House appeared in front of her $30,000 refrigerator to congratulate Democrats for blocking the funding bill that would have kept PPP going without delay.

Well, that makes this really awkward.

What Democrats are attempting to do is frame this as the GOP holding up the bill last week by refusing to fund hospitals. That’s a completely false presentation of what actually happened. At no point have Republicans objected to replenishing those other funds, but the reality is that those funds still have money in them to this day. They did not need more money at the time Democrats were holding up a small business loan program that was completely dry. Pelosi and Schumer simply wanted an excuse to try to include bailouts for badly run blue states in the bill, so they hid behind doctors and nurses that were going to be taken care of regardless. When they failed to get their way, they shifted to claiming they secured money for healthcare workers when that money was always going to be there.


But as I shared in that linked article at the beginning of this piece, the media are working overtime to rewrite history as part of a bigger ploy to blame everything related to the Wuhan virus on Republicans. In the process, they will lie themselves and allow figures like Pelosi to lie with impunity. We’ll be her to expose it every step of the way.



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