Biden Gets Fully Woke on Immigration, Pledges Insane Deportation Policy


Last night’s debate was about what you’d expect. Joe Biden bumbled while Bernie repeated the same three talking points over and over. It certainly didn’t fundamentally change the race, as the latter still continues to hit the former on his biggest weaknesses. Bernie’s campaign is essentially a vanity project at this point.


There were some interesting moments, though. One of them involved Biden making this incredibly dangerous and ludicrous pledge.

Illegal aliens who’ve committed murders, other violent crimes, or fraud? Biden says they will stay in the United States, which certainly means those committing lesser crimes (or the crime of illegally crossing in the first place) will simply be ignored in the process.

Of course, all those people have to go somewhere. In some cases, we’ll see them released into the general public, as has happened in numerous sanctuary cities. That often leads to more crimes being committed, further putting a strain on the American people. In the more extreme cases, illegal immigrants will be placed within an already stressed prison system courtesy of your taxpayer dollars. No matter what, though, you’ll get to pay the price so Biden can show himself to be sufficiently woke.

The politics of the left have become completely nonsensical, at least to the extent that they weren’t already. It’s hard to believe, but just a decade ago, nearly every Democrat agreed with reasonably strong border policies. Many even supported building a barrier. Barack Obama, for all his faults, did actually increase deportations from his predecessor. But that’s all gone now. Not only do they not want to deport anyone, they want to decriminalize the border altogether and give illegal crossers free healthcare. A country can not sustain itself under such a policy.


The American people are rightly distracted right now by the Wuhan virus outbreak, but as we get closer to November, I hope they refocus on just how crazy the Democratic party has become on the border. It’s a serious issue that can’t be taken for granted, and no longer can Biden claim to be a “moderate” on that or any other issue.



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