BREAKING: President Trump Will Address the Nation Tonight On Iranian Attacks (UPDATED: No Address Tonight, CNN Was Spreading Fake News)

With the recent news of Iranian’s attacking U.S. forces in Iraq, the tension is building on what exactly this means and how we will respond.

We may have an answer tonight. President Trump is set to address the nation tonight on the matter.

There are other reports that Iran is deploying its Air Force and that more rockets are being fired. If this was just a face saving maneuver, it appears certain the Iranians are overplaying their hand. Iran’s aging Air Force is no match for the USAF and we could see major air battle take place shortly if the reports are accurate.

President Trump will have to lay out a clear justification for what’s next, as the public is still weary from previous engagements. Hopefully, this can be responded too without escalation into a full-scale war. I suspect it can be.

Stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated.


Looks like CNN struck with fake news again. Other sources now saying there will be no address tonight and the White House has pointedly denied the story.

I’d assume the President will make a detailed statement by tomorrow though, even if it’s not an address.