NBC New York Blames 'Expansion of Orthodox Communities' for the Violence Against Jews

NBC New York decided to do a dance many on the left are trying to do these days. Namely, attempting to toe the line between rightly denouncing antisemitism and still keeping their ideological credibility by pandering to the inter-sectional crowd.


That means trying to cobble together some nonsensical explanation for why Jews are actually responsible for the violence being perpetrated against. Because to otherwise (correctly) blame only one side (African-Americans in this equation) would draw gnashing of teeth from the wokest among us.

Enter this dumpster fire story tweeted out by the news station.

This led to a backlash from people who aren’t crazy and don’t think Jews simply participating in civics is justification for violence against them.

NBC New York would eventually take the tweet down, calling it an “error.” They provided no answer as to what the error was though, which would seem to be prudent when you make a mistake like this.


Think about how garbage this is. Imagine Fox News putting out a tweet blaming Hispanic expansion and civic engagement for increased violence against them. Heck, replace “Orthodox communities” with any other minority group and CNN would be having a cow right now over it.

Jews are treated differently though. It’s also some half-way explanation for why they are partially responsible for their own oppression. We need to look no further than Israel itself for ample proof of that. Despite some accusations by far-left leaders, the Orthodox Jewish community has done absolutely nothing to deserve the recent attacks against them. The hard truth is that some black groups that are very active in the northeastern U.S. hate Jews just like white supremacists hate Jews. It’s not because of gentrification or any other excuse the left is searching for. It’s pure bigotry, plain and simple.



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