Orthodox Jews Start Open Carrying in New York After Anti-Semitic Attacks

Following the stabbing spree on Jews in Monsey last weekend, Orthodox Jews are starting to take matters into their own hands. With police only able to do so much, while also being handicapped by state and city officials, local residents have decided they aren’t going to wait around helplessly for the next act of violence.


That’s led groups of Jewish residents to begin to open carry.


To be clear, New York is not an open-carry state, so these expressions of their constitutional rights will almost certainly lead to government reprisal. But that’s a price they are obviously willing to pay, and good for them for putting their families over the wishes of Chris Cuomo and company. With the surge in hate crimes against Jews in New York, mostly carried about by other minorities, the state leadership has mostly ignored the problem. They’ve made excuses and tried to pass the buck by incoherently blaming Trump for the violence, even though those committing it are almost certainly not followers of the President give the demographic and ideological realities at play.

What’s taking place in New York is a sick evolution of racial politics, whereby peaceful Jews simply trying to live their lives are being targeted by African Americans for grievances that don’t make any sense. Those grievances have largely been pushed by a small subset of outspoken individuals who’ve convinced others that the Jews are the cause of their problems, usually citing the purchase of property and gentrification of neighborhoods.


The show of force by the Orthodox community has the usual suspects clutching their pearls.

No, what’s dangerous is standing around unarmed waiting for the next attack to claim more lives. The 2nd Amendment is exactly for this purpose, i.e. protection from others or the government.

The next question is whether the New York Attorney General, a hard-left individual who got elected promising to prosecute President Trump, will now go after these groups for exercising their God-given rights. I suspect she’s sweating through a discussion on how to handle it, as if she comes down hard on Jews after being so lax on their attackers, it’s going to look really, really bad for her.

What’s happening in the North East with the rise in anti-Semitic attacks is untenable and no one should begrudge or go after Americans for trying to protect themselves.


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