One Key Fact Exposes the FBI's Clear Intent in Their Targeting of Trump

The IG report is starting to slip into the background, mostly because it didn’t provide the narrative the media so desperately wanted. In its wake is a laundry list of Democrats and “journalists” who were exposed as either willfully lying, or being so partisan as to be purposely aloof at the obvious evidence.


During the arguments over exactly why the FISA abuse and targeting of the Trump campaign took place, one clear dividing line has appeared.

After years of assuring us that the FBI are the brightest, most infallible among us, the left now wants to pretend that the bureau is just staffed by a bunch of idiots. You see, all the bad actions and bias were just a result of them being morons (see The FBI Wants You to Believe They Are Just Morons).

In reality, though, the intent is clear. There were simply too many “mistakes,” all in one direction, to be sheer incompetence. Further, there are some major happenings that make it obvious there was bias involved in the decision making.

One of those was pointed out by Undercover Huber over on Twitter. If you don’t follow him, you should be doing so. He’s got good sources and has been a gold mine of information on FBI actions over the last three years.


I’ve written on this broader issue before. Namely, that the FBI knew the Steele dossier was complete bunk at the time they were still pushing it. Instead of going back to the President and letting him know the source behind the pee tape claim said it wasn’t true, you still had Comey years later asserting in interviews it could have happened. That’s not incompetence, that’s malicious.

Further, not only did the FBI not tell Trump, they continued to use the dossier to secure FISA warrants.

Again, that’s not incompetence. The only motivation to go lie to the FISA court at that point in time was that some members of the FBI, especially those in the higher levels of the investigation, were salivating at digging up dirt on Donald Trump. They knew the Page warrant would allow retroactive searches of campaign communications at least two degrees removed from Page himself.


This is why the “no bias” pronouncements are nonsense and simply don’t add up. If there was no bias, the investigation would have been ended before Trump was inaugurated. There also would have been no renewals well into Trump’s presidency of the Page warrant. The FBI knew Page wasn’t a Russian asset and were well aware he was actually a previous government source in good standing.

They kept going, though, because there was biased intent to target Donald Trump. There is no other logical explanation and no one should accept having their leg peed on and being told it’s just raining. I believe John Durham and Bill Barr will have no problem proving exactly what happened once their investigation concludes.



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