Happy Receipt Day: Here's a Reminder of the 'Conservatives' Who Insisted FISA Abuse Was a Conspiracy Theory

If you aren’t following The Federalist’s Sean Davis on Twitter, you should be.

With the release of the IG report on the Trump-Russia investigation, and despite the media’s best efforts, much has been exposed showing misconduct at the FBI. The Carter Page FISA warrant was fraudulently garnered, using unverified information, doctored evidence, and outright lying to the court. With that news comes the reminder that a lot of establishment “conservatives” trashed Devin Nunes and white-knighted for Adam Schiff last year when the House released dueling reports on the matter.


Now that we know Nunes was largely correct and Schiff was blatantly lying in his rebuttal, it’s worth taking a look back. Thanks to Sean for finding and bumping these old tweets because they are very informative. I won’t comment on each one, but simply let what’s there do the talking.







Man, that’s good stuff.

And then there was David French, formerly of National Review. French was especially hostile to Nunes at the time he released his memo and came out publicly in support of Schiff’s conclusions, arguing they were “uncontested facts” that proved Republicans were wrong about the abuse of the FISA system. Surely, French would take his lumps, admit his error, and move on, right? Nah, he decided to call people who are pointing out how wrong he was “grifters,” because that’s all these people have these days.



Perhaps it would have been more prudent to wait for the evidence instead of going to bat for someone like Adam Schiff, but there’s apparently no end to the list of people certain “conservatives” will ally with if it means taking shots at the President. In the end, all of the above commentators were simply wrong. Instead of being willing to approach the latest news with some humility, most of them are just spinning the same as they always were.

The fact is, the FBI was not pure in this process. Those of us who saw the obvious evidence years ago and opined that there was malfeasance were right. Blind trust of bureaucracies has never been a conservative principle and it was mind-numbing to watch so many claim any questioning of these agencies was sacrilege. This was always more about politics than true principle.


But being Never Trump means never having to say you are sorry. There’s always the next lefty investor to pump millions into a “newsletter” written with a tinge of orange man bad.


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