London Islamist Attacker Was a Convicted Terrorist, Judge Had Set Him Free

As RedState reported when it happened, an Islamic terrorist killed two people on the London Bridge via a knife attack earlier in the week. The attacker was eventually taken down by some self-less civilians who risked their lives to  physically bring the man to the pavement. You can see video of that here. Police would eventually kill Usman Khan.


But if anyone was wondering whether there was forewarning of this possibly happening, it turns out Khan was already a convicted terrorist and inexplicably was allowed to walk free after pledging his transgressions were just “immaturity.”

When Usman Khan put pen to paper from his cell at Belmarsh Prison seven years ago, he begged for the chance to “prove” he no longer harboured extremist Islamic views or posed a threat to the British public.

Insisting his conviction for being part of a terror cell that planned to bomb the London Stock Exchange stemmed from mere immaturity, he added: “Now I am much more mature and want to live my life as a good Muslim and also a good citizen of Britain.”

Khan would be let go by a judge, taking in his declaration of being a changed man as evidence enough of his rehabilitation into society.

This is insanity and naivete on a grand scale. Khan was literally convicted of helping plan a major terrorist attack. There was no question he was involved and intended to be part of it. Yet, many European nations (and in America) continue to hold the ridiculous view that these are just misunderstood human being who would otherwise be fine if they just had a better job or something. Islamist ideology is not easily defeated, and when you have droves of people coming in who hold it, it should be no surprise that their barbarism comes with them.


The decision to release Khan didn’t come from the lower levels either. It was signed off by the Ministry of Justice and the terrorist was released after serving just half his sentence. Now, two people are dead because of that decision.

And just in case you wanted another example of how bonkers the UK justice system is, one of the people who helped tackle Khan was a convicted murderer himself, out on day release.

One of the London Bridge terror attack heroes was a murderer on day release, it has emerged.

James Ford, 42, was jailed for life in 2004 for the murder of 21-year-old Amanda Champion, who was found strangled with her throat cut in Ashford, Kent, in July 2003.

Ford was caught after a Samaritans worker, who he had called and confessed to, went to police with the tip off.

I guess it worked out in regards to this latest attack, but it still strikes me as insane that the UK just lets convicted terrorists and murderers walk around with minimal punishment. Until these countries start taking this stuff seriously, this tragedies will keep happening. Virtue signaling how progressive one’s country is doesn’t stop an Islamist from killing people.



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