Politico Decides That Politico's Reporting Is Garbage on Ukraine Because Orange Man Bad

The knots media outlets will twist themselves into never ceases to amaze me. And you’ll be shocked to learn that Fusion Natasha (Natasha Bertrand) is once again involved.


You may recall that Politico reported all the way back in 2017 about the DNC colluding with the Ukrainians to dig up dirt on Donald Trump and Paul Manafort. This involved a woman named Alexandra Chalupa seeking out the Ambassador and visiting Ukraine to garner information. Unlike the hysteria involving Trump and Russia, we had a direct, sought out, and followed-through-on contact between a Hillary campaign support and a foreign government.

Somehow, because Trump, this never became much of an issue in the media. Collusion was only useful to them if it nailed the orange man. But now that the President has resurfaced those reports in the past few months, outlets like Politico have suddenly gotten amnesia.

Click on the pictures in the below tweet for the shot and chaser.

Politico craps on Politico’s own reporting, with Bertrand (no doubt parroting whatever Fusion GPS has told her to parrot) deciding that there’s “no evidence” of any collusion happening between the DNC/Hillary and Ukraine. Except in 2017, it was her own publication that reported such.

Other outlets are also following this lead, attempting to paint the Ukrainian matter as a conspiracy theory started by John Solomon, who has done great work on this issue.


If you needed more evidence (and let’s be honest – you didn’t) that the mainstream media has settled into a nice smokey dumpster fire over the past three years, there you go. An outlet punts on its own reporting because the narrative of attacking Trump overrules even basic facts.

Nothing you are seeing from these people can ever be trusted.


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