Alexander Vindman's Lawyer Makes a Fool of Himself and It Shows His Coordination With Adam Schiff

Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, a military officer at the National Security Council, center, arrives on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2019, to appear before a House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and Committee on Oversight and Reform joint interview with the transcript to be part of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

We are starting to see why Adam Schiff wanted to keep these testimonies secret, at least for enough time to pass so as to let his preferred narratives take hold. In that sense, he’s succeeded, as much of the buffoonery that’s now being revealed is being ignored, or in some cases, completely misconstrued (see Gordon Sondland’s Revised Testimony About Trump-Ukraine Is Being Completely Misconstrued).


There’s also the fact that Schiff inadvertently confirmed Alexander Vindman illegally leaked top-secret information to the whistle-blower (Eric Ciaramella). I covered that in detail last Friday (see Alexander Vindman’s Testimony Appears to Confirm He Illegally Leaked to the Whistle-Blower).

At one point, Vindman’s lawyer made an absolute fool of himself by mistaking Rep. Elise Stefanik for a staffer and berating her.

This arrogant clown of a lawyer treated the “deposition” as if he were in total control, receiving no push-back from Schiff at all. In fact, Mr. Volkov’s behavior points to a fairly significant level of coordination. There’s no way he’d have burst into this proceeding treating Congressional members with such disrespect if he weren’t told he could get away with it.


This was just a hot garbage performance, and as you can see by Schiff’s (Chairman in the transcripts) response, he completely blessed the flailing lunacy this lawyer was throwing at duly elected members of Congress. Democrats love to bleat about oversight and civility, yet here’s Schiff giving some guy’s lawyer the run of the place to trash Zeldin and others as if he were talking down to teenagers. Worse, after Volkov shows his backside in such a stark manner, Schiff shuts down the Republicans from asking questions, reinforcing the out of line behavior.

If anyone’s still wondering why Republicans have been so incensed by these proceedings, the above transcripts are a prime example. This entire thing is a total sham. Schiff obviously coordinated with these parties prior to their testimonies, disallowing certain questions and giving the green light to trash Republican members. It’s pretty insane when you read it on paper and I’m sure it was crazier in person.

Right now, the reality is what it is. The Democrats control the House. Yet, eventually this will end up in the Senate. Republicans better be taking notes on how their colleagues were treated in these early hearings. When Vindman gets called to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Graham should absolutely filet him and let anyone else that wants take a slice get theirs as well. My concern is that the “collegial” nature of the Senate will lead to watered-down “bi-partisan” proceedings like we witnessed after the Mueller investigation, whereby Richard Burr essentially ceded control of his committee to Mark Warner.


For the party’s sake in 2020, they had better not blow this with any delusional ideas about decorum. It’s time to fight fire with fire and if they refuse to, voters won’t forget.


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