SNL Was Trashing Trump for Supposedly Bringing Back ISIS at the Same Time Al-Baghdadi Was Being Killed

Saturday Night Live ended up a with a bit of egg on their face after a skit they ran this past Saturday night. While the rest of the world were starting to get world that ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi had been killed, SNL was treating us to this gem of a sketch.


In it, we see Pete Davidson (you may remember him from making fun of Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s war injury) thank “Donald Trump” for “making ISIS great again” and for being a jobs program for the terrorist organization.

Alec Baldwin returned to the program to play the Commander-in-chief in the sketch, which took place at a fictional Trump rally in New Mexico.

‘And where are you from?’ Baldwin asks Davidson’s character after inviting him up onto the stage.

‘ISIS!’ Davidson responds. ‘I was a prisoner in Syria until last week when you freed me, so I just wanted to say, thank you for bringing jobs back to ISIS.

He then cheers: ‘I promise that I will make ISIS great again!’

Baldwin, as Trump, responds: ‘Terrific. What that great guy. ISIS is back in a big, big way, folks. And we love that, don’t we?’

This may be the worst self-own in the media-sphere this year, and that’s saying something.

What makes this even more hilarious is that this skit was running at nearly the same moment U.S. forces were bringing about the end of Al-Baghdadi, who would eventually blow himself up like the coward that he was. This wasn’t just the same week or day, but within the same hour.


Even the original idea was ridiculous. ISIS was not re-surging because a hundred low level fighters (out of 11,000) managed to escape in the past few weeks. But it’s a comedy show, so I guess they get some leeway there.

Either way, SNL needs some new ideas. What used to be a hysterical, well rounded show has now turned into your liberal uncle’s Twitter feed. It’s just not that funny anymore.


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