Days Before the IG Report Release, Fusion GPS Scrambles to Defend Their Dumpster Fire Work

Bruce Ohr, Glenn Simpson, Nellie Ohr (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

This was predictable insofar as it being a certainty that Fusion GPS and it’s dishonest, partisan founders were not going to take the IG report being released lying down.


With that in mind, they’ve now announced a coming book focused on the infamous Steele dossier. I mean, who better to gaslight the country on the Steele dossier than the people who created that garbage dumpster of a document in the first place?

This was, no doubt, being held back, waiting to be dropped as an announcement right before the IG report was set to come out. That way they can muddy the waters even further and allow the media to say “well, we will get the real story soon.”

Jeffrey Toobin is CNN’s conspiracy minded, crackpot “legal analyst,” so it’s not shocking he’s ready to put his stamp of approval on what is a book certain to be filled with yet more nonsense and misinformation.

There was a past point in our discourse when people like Glenn Simpson and his outfit would be laughed off the public stage based on how bad a failure their cardinal document was. Instead, they are still treated like serious people. Worse, they run a talking points factory which still gives “journalists” (via email lists) information daily on how to attack Trump and spin the Russia matter.


The Steele dossier’s relevancy is no longer in question. Every single salacious claim in that piece of trash has been discredited or left unproven. The only things “verified” were public data anyway. Yes, certain people traveled to Russia. Congrats on deducing what a 12 year old with an internet connection could have. What wasn’t true was basically anything that painted a picture of nefarious Russian collusion, peeing on mattresses, and Cohen being in Prague.

It would seem rather important that the most important aspects of their claims were complete crap. Unfortunately, we have a media complex that is obsessed with opposing Donald Trump, so they’ll absolutely fluff this book, they won’t critically judge it, and they’ll accept Fusion GPS’s talking points and excuses wholesale.

The truth is already out there, though. The Fusion GPS founders shouldn’t be writing books. They should be in jail.


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