Joe Biden Struggles to Show He's Down With Being Gay and Things Get Really Weird


I wish I could read the minds of some of these 2020 Democrat candidates as they reach new levels of crazy to pander to their base voters. Do these people really believe what they are saying? I have my doubts at times.


Take Joe Biden, a geriatric old man who appears to have cognitive issues, doing his best to show he’s down with the struggle at the LGBTQXYZ forum last night on CNN. What transpired was just a mash-up of the extremely uncomfortable and bizarre.

At one point, Biden pretends he’s going to make out with Anderson Cooper (a gay man).

Then crap just got really weird.


That’s not an exaggeration. He actually said that while also joking about coming out as gay. Apparently he learned to tolerate homosexuality at the same pool he almost threw down at with Corn Pop.

This dude’s mind is going. I’m pretty certain of it at this point. I can only imagine his advisors, already having to watch his campaign burn down the last few weeks, sitting in the back wanting to tear their hair out.

At this point, is there any path for him to win the nomination? I’m not seeing it. Elizabeth Warren has taken the lead nationally and Biden currently looks to lose all three of the first primaries. No one recovers from that. You’d think this guy might want to keep a little bit of his dignity though. Instead, he’s setting it on fire to please a base that’s never going to vote for him anyway. It’s kind of sad.


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