Obama Bro Ben Rhodes Bursts In Like the Kool-Aid Man to Shill for Iran After Deadly Attacks

Tommy Vietor, left, former National Security Council spokesman, and Ben Rhodes, deputy National Security Adviser. ASSOCIATED PRESS

Yesterday, massive explosions rocked a Saudi Arabian oil field, shutting down 5% of the world’s production. As my colleague streiff shared earlier today, we didn’t have to wait long to find out who did it. If you had Iran as the aggressor, congrats, although that’s not a difficult guess these days. It appears cruise missiles, possibly fired by Iranian backed militias in Iraq, were used in the attack.


Mike Pompeo confirmed that Iran was the backing for the operation, as the cruise missiles are theirs and only their proxies use them.

Never fear though. Obama bro Ben Rhodes is on the case and he’s here to let us know that Iran wasn’t actually responsible.

Rhodes has never met a situation where he doesn’t run to side with the Mullahs. The relationship he has with them and the sheer amount of shilling he does in their favor leaves a lot of open questions. Just why is he so invested in propping up a brutal Islamic dictatorship? What’s in it for Rhodes?


Of course, what Rhodes says there is nonsensical garbage. The Houthis are being controlled by Iran and they are also financing and supplying their war effort.


Want a clear example of media bias? Notice how during the Obama administration, not once did a major outlet question the qualifications of Ben Rhodes. This despite the fact that he had zero foreign policy experience and was a failed writer until Obama inexplicably put him at his right hand. Meanwhile, they lost their minds over Nikki Haley going to the UN and Trump bringing on numerous generals.

Rhodes oversaw one of the most disastrous foreign policy regimes in modern history. His delusional Arab Spring push set the entire Middle East on fire and over half a million people died in Syria because of his pacifism of Iran and inaction on the battlefield. The only thing he managed to get done was a useless nuclear deal with Iran, which they never had intentions of following anyway.


While the current media complex won’t call this clown out, hopefully history won’t be as kind.


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