The NYTs Wants You to Meet America's "Rising Drag Stars" That Also Happen to Be Prepubescent Children

Sexualizing prepubescent children seems to be a bit of a fetish now on the left and it’s only becoming more prominent.

We’ve already seen outrageous scenes like an 11 year old mimicing snorting Ketamine with an older man (dressed like a woman) while the media praise him and the authorities do nothing. Meanwhile, outlets like The Huffington Post have lauded this new “movement” as empowering and inspiring, even as underage boys are seen taking nude pictures with adult drag queens.


Enter The New York Times, who apparently wasn’t happy sitting on the sidelines.

“I’m excited!” screamed Desmond Napoles, a 12-year-old drag star who performs as Desmond is Amazing, punctuating his enthusiasm with mild profanity. His eyes darted to his phone. Then he backtracked. “Don’t put that in. Don’t put that in.” He would soon be grounded from Snapchat by his mother for what she called “sass.”

Desmond and his mother would still make it to the object of Desmond’s excitement: DragCon, the convention hosted by RuPaul in New York City in early September. It would be Desmond’s third year in a row. He isn’t a different person in drag so much as a more outgoing version of himself, he said. “I’m always fierce, fabulous and not playing video games,” he said. “I’m being AH-MA-zing.”

Such hard hitting journalism. Nowhere in this article do you find any skepticism of how healthy this is. They don’t mention any of controversies surrounding these kids, and there have been several, including runs in with a pedophile. It’s all just fluff writing and celebration.

Meanwhile, you can see cracks in the public personas being bandied about.

Desmond has since pulled back on performing, though he will attend DragCon. Even there, among fans, he is not particularly looking forward to the crowds. When fans yell his name and swarm him for hugs, “it makes me anxious,” he said. He dreams of being an ornithologist when he grows up, he said, or a roller-coaster engineer.


Of course it makes him anxious. 12 year old boys twerking and performing like a stripper for older, mentally ill men is not something a kid should be doing and it’s only natural that the attention is going to affect him in a negative light. None of this is normal but we live in a society that is so obsessed with being “inclusive” that everyone is scared to call bad behavior bad now. It’s one thing when you are dealing with adults. I’m fairly libertarian there. Go do whatever you want as far as the government is concerned. But what’s happening to these kids is child abuse and there will be dire consequences for them as they grow older.

For now though, their parents seem to enjoy the notoriety and media attention. The sexualization and using of children in this way is just another black mark on our civilization.


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