Female Students Locked Out of School In UK for Not Wearing "Gender Neutral" Outfits

The world is going insane, one woke policy at a time.

This story comes to us from the UK, where a school in East Sussex decided they needed to ban all “gendered” clothing in order to not offend the sensibilities of transgender students. That meant girls would have to wear pants at all times. If that sounds ridiculous, that’s because it is.


The school decided the best course of action was to literally lock the gates and not allow girls who had skirts on to enter the school. That boiled into a protest of over 150 kids.

A huge crowd demonstrated with banners outside Lewes Priory, in East Sussex, demanding the school reverses its gender neutral policy banning girls from wearing skirts.

Sussex Police were brought in to help control the planned protests and officers were seen standing guard at the entrance checking uniforms.

But many students found they couldn’t attend classes on their first day of term, after teachers closed the main gates when the crowd gathered outside.

The demonstration comes after the school announced in 2017 that all students were required to wear trousers, after ‘concerns’ were raised over the length of skirts and to accommodate transgender pupils.

I’m not even sure it’s fair to blame transgender students here. I don’t see any evidence anyone was even complaining and it would be incredibly stupid to complain about girls wearing skirts just because someone has delusions about their own gender. There’s not even a real connective factor between those two things.

What this smacks of is an overbearing, woke faculty pushing their silly world view of “equality” onto their students. It may also simply be an excuse to ban short skirts because they didn’t like them.

Here’s a video of the students being locked out.


Welcome to 2019. This kind of thing can’t last can it? Or perhaps it can. I’m seeing absolutely no recession from the scourge of wokeness across Western politics. Dave Chapelle’s recent special was a great warning shot, but all that will result from that will be his cancellation from polite society.

While the US isn’t quite where Europe is on political correctness, we are quickly closing in and seem to be accelerating much faster. Five years ago, Europe was like another planet. Today, we are mirroring them more and more. I hope some catalyst reverse this. If not, nothing good is going to result for society’s ability to coexist as a whole.


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