Here's How Hard Democrats and the Media Are Rooting for a Recession

If you’ve noticed a strong uptick in doom and gloom about the economy lately, you aren’t imagining it.

With the Mueller report blowing up on the pad, Democrats and the media needed a new strategy and they think they’ve found something. Specifically, they’ve honed in on two things: Making the case that Donald Trump is chaotic and rooting for a recession. The latter they are hoping hits next year, just in time for the 2020 election.


How hard are they rooting for a recession? This hard.

It’s as if the talking points went out and they are reciting them in unison. It doesn’t matter that unemployment is low and the fundamentals of the economy are strong, not perfect, but still strong. The left have decided the best thing to do is will a recession into happening, and make no mistake, a constant barrage of negative coverage can shake markets and employers.

Of course, a recession would profoundly hurt normal Americans but those in Acela corridor don’t care about that. They’ve got their big bank accounts and recession proof jobs. Seeing an economic slowdown is a price they are willing to pay, forget the collateral damage. Getting rid of Trump is the only thing that matters.

I’ll also point out the immense hypocrisy and inconsistency of Democrats and their media allies talking down the current economy while they continually tried to prop up the slowest recovery on record under Barack Obama. This is how it always happens. When a Democrat is president, any news is good news. When it’s a Republican, even good reports must be spun into negatives. Everything bad that happens under Democrats is headlined as being “unexpected.” You’ve seen the song and dance before.


In this case, even if a recession comes, it’s likely not coming for another 2 years or so (normal cycles dictate we will have another recession eventually). There’s no reason to be beating this drum right now except to try to suppress market and consumer confidence, perhaps speeding up the process. Nothing we are seeing from the left or the media is genuine concern or honest analysis. It’s purely politics and should be treated as such.


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