Jim Jordan Fillets Mueller on Joseph Mifsud Not Being Charged, Exposes Serious Credibility Issues With the Probe

Former special counsel Robert Mueller, is sworn in before he testifies before the House Judiciary Committee hearing on his report on Russian election interference, on Capitol Hill, in Washington, Wednesday, July 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


Today’s hearings have been an absolute disaster for Robert Mueller’s reputation and the Democrat narrative push toward impeachment. Seriously, look up the word disaster in the dictionary, and you’ll see a snapshot from today of Mueller sitting barely lucid before Congress. He couldn’t remember basic details, stammered constantly, and he obviously has no idea what is even in the actual report, that being the report he supposedly wrote.

There are going to be a lot of viral moments from the proceedings, almost all of them dealing with Mueller looking clueless or making nonsensical statements.

One of the major issues brought up today dealt with Joseph Mifsud. If you don’t know who that is, he’s the “informant” that claimed to have Hillary’s emails and appears to have purposely sought out George Papadopoulos to plant that seed. Mifsud also lied to the FBI three times during the course of the investigation.

Given that Mueller had no qualms with charging multiple people with lying to investigators, the natural question is why Mifsud was let off the hook. Rep. Jim Jordan asks that question and absolutely fillets Mueller’s nonsensical and obfuscating response.


Mueller hides behind privilege, claiming he can’t discuss charging decisions, which is absolutely ridiculous. The entire Mueller report is a discussion of charging decisions. Why is Mifsud special? Why was Michael Flynn’s life destroyed over a white lie dealing with something completely mundane, but Joseph Mifsud can lie to the FBI three times and not even be brought in for further questioning?

The answer is simple. Joseph Mifsud wasn’t connected to Donald Trump.

When you go through the Mueller report and who was charged, one thing is clear. Robert Mueller and his team purposely chose to ignore criminality by various actors and only focused on people in Trump’s orbit. That means they give a sweetheart deal to a Ukrainian Oligarch instead of charging him. That means they let a pedophile leave the country and remain uncharged for years because they thought he had dirt on Trump. It means they don’t even interview Christopher Steele after it was known he lied to the FBI. Fusion GPS’s founder, Glenn Simpson, escaped scrutiny as well. This despite him being at the very center of the Trump Tower meeting. In fact, Mueller claimed to not even know what Fusion GPS was.

Despite all of this, we still have some “Republicans” making excuses for this nonsense because they’ve put so much of their own credibility into backing Mueller.


Joseph Mifsud was not a “fruitful foreign intelligence source.” He was a liar who’s actions started an investigation into what turned out to be disgusting smear. It takes an otherworldly level of obtuseness to hand wave away Mifsud’s actions in such a way, but Rothman manages to reach that level. It’s also ironic to see so many “rule of law” conservatives suddenly decide that if you are a “foreign intelligence source” that said laws don’t apply anymore and we should just trust the bureaucracies to make those decisions.

This investigation was a partisan farce and it’s been exposed as such today. Mueller was simply a figurehead. He didn’t write his own report and that’s painfully obvious. He let a group of partisan Democrat boosters like Andrew Weissmann run wild and simply rubber stamped their work. Meanwhile, blatant criminality by people like Steele, Mifsud, and Podesta was completely ignored and covered up with ridiculous claims that they were outside of Mueller’s purview.


Now, we are left to hope the Barr-Durham investigation sheds some light on the misconduct that took place during this entire ordeal. I sincerely hope Barr realizes how important his work is and how reaching conclusions in a timely manner, before the next election, is paramount to rebuilding some kind of public trust after this dumpster fire we witnessed today.


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