New Poll Tests Support for Reparations and Open Borders, Here's How That Went

A group of immigrants from Honduras and El Salvador who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally are loaded on to a van, Wednesday, June 25, 2014, in Granjeno, Texas. At least six local, state and federal law enforcement agencies patrol the five mile zone which is illegal immigration’s busiest corridor. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)


Almost a month ago, the Democrats had their first debate on MSNBC. It was everything you’d expect, with every major player supporting every crazed liberal policy you could think of.

While we saw all of the candidates endorse free healthcare for illegal immigrants, presumably because we aren’t already in enough debt, there were two other issues that have become litmus tests for the Democratic primary as well. That being reparations for descendants of slaves and decriminalizing illegal border crossings, which is defacto open borders.

Common sense would tell you those positions can’t be very popular with the average American and common sense would be right.

Support for reparations clocks in at only 27%. Other Democrat policy proposals like free healthcare for illegal immigrants also don’t fare well. Only 33% support such a program. Even less support a basic income of $1000 a month, clocking in at only 26%.

As I wrote several months ago, I believe the case for reparations is simply not there. You’d be punishing people who had nothing to do with slavery to reward people who were not even alive at the time of slavery. It’d cause incredible resentment and civil unrest, which is the opposite of what reparations is supposed to accomplish.


Other progressive staples, like healthcare for illegal immigrants, just make no sense at all. If you start offering everyone who’s not a citizen free healthcare benefits, it will serve as a magnet for people to cross illegally. Couple that with decriminalizing illegal border crossings and you have no sovereignty left. To some that may seem compassionate, but it’s not compassionate to accelerate the bankrupting of the United States, which would ultimately hurt the entire word in unfathomable ways.

Here’s the specific numbers on the issues dealing with the border.

If you turn illegal crossings into just a ticket and release into the interior, that’s open borders. Democrats and the media may screech at that description, but it’s simply truth. In fact, many of the Democrat presidential candidates, including all the top tier, endorsed the idea that they would not deport people who only crossed the border illegally. Again, that can only be described as open borders.

Of course, this poll isn’t all good news for Republicans. The “Green New Deal” still manages to clock in at a 63% support. That’s likely because no one actually knows what it really entails and when you ask people if they want to help the environment, they tend to respond in the affirmative. Medicare for All gets 70% support, which is again misleading, as other polls show majority against when it’s revealed to them that their taxes will have to go up. NPR chose not to include that fact for obvious reasons. Still, it’s disconcerting that so many American voters can be bought off by offering them “free” stuff they think they won’t have to pay for. That won’t end well for the nation.


Background checks for guns also comes in at 89% support, which isn’t surprising since we already have those so problem solved I guess.

What this poll does show is that several major Democrat policy platforms are deeply unpopular with the American people and it’s only been one debate. Does anyone doubt they won’t move even further to the left as the next dozen or so slap fights take place?


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