Democrat Representative Accuses Former ICE Director of Racism in Hearing, It Doesn't Go Well

Earlier this morning, my RedState colleague streiff shared a verbal beatdown by former ICE Director Tom Holman of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it yet, but once you are finished here, go watch it and enjoy. Trust me, it’s worth the time.


Holman wasn’t done embarrassing know nothing, grandstanding Congressional members though. Rep. Jesus Garcia (D-IL) decided it’d be a good idea to spend his questioning ranting about how Holman doesn’t care about kids that aren’t the same color as him, because charging racism is all these people have.

It didn’t go well.

Garcia rants about internment camps, asks Holman if he has kids, accuses Holman of racism toward children, and then asserts that Holman was purposely harming immigrants because that’s the state of political discourse coming from the Democratic party right now.

Make sure you watch until the end, as Holman is inexplicably shut down by Cummings at first after Garcia was allowed to make his disgusting comments unabated. Funny how Cummings never gets animated or cares about keeping time until it’s someone like Holman trying to respond to the deranged rantings of a Democrat on the Committee.


After a Republican Congressman points out that it’s ridiculous to not be allowed to fully respond to the string of slanderous “questions” pointed at Holman, the former ICE Director unloads again. Here’s the second part of his response.

“I’ve saw many dead bodies coming across this border. And you want to talk about the memo, this memo’s one option to stop death. Not just enforce the law, to stop death. If you want to legalize illegal immigration, good luck with that, because it’s going to get a hell of a lot worse on that border if you say “from now on there will be no consequences, no deterrents, it’s not illegal to come to this country illegally, more families will come, 31% of women will be raped, more children will die. We are a nation of laws. If you don’t like it sir, change it. You’re the legislator, I’m the executive branch and I’ve served my country honorably for 34 years and I will not sit here and have anybody say that I don’t care about children because they’re not the same color as my children.”

Holman is making an argument I’ve made many times on this site. Emotional appeals for open borders are nonsensical. They feel good but they simply put thousands of more people in danger. The more you incentivize illegal border crossings, the richer the cartels get, the more women are raped, and the more children die on the harsh journey. Is that humane? Of course it’s not. It’s irresponsible and harmful. Unintended consequences are not wiped away because a bunch of liberals get good feels from talking about not enforcing immigration laws.


The dishonest garbage that surrounds this debate is sickening. Holman served this country for 34 years as a police officer and at the border. He knows far more about this situation than some grand-standing Representative from Chicago who’s nowhere near the border and has no idea of the challenges they face, nor how to fix them. The accusations of racism have grown tired and no one is buying this anymore.

While Democrats may look at this exchange and think they scored points, voter attitudes on illegal immigration are actually shifting in Trump’s favor. As I wrote recently, a full 67% supported asking about citizenship on the census. When every Democrat endorsed free healthcare for illegal immigrants at the first primary debate, polling showed a majority against them. A majority are also against decriminalizing the border because that’s an obviously illogical, idiotic idea that would cause further chaos.

The President and Republicans need to stay the course here. Not for political reasons alone, but because it’s the right, humane thing to do. Open borders will only lead to more rapes, more deaths, and richer drug cartels. In the meantime, it’s good to see someone like Holman stand up to what was clearly a disingenuous accusation of racism. I have a feeling Cummings won’t be allowing him back to testify.


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