Meghan McCain Gets Heated, Calls Joy Behar an Expletive on Live TV

The View apparently got pretty heated this morning.

The Daily Wire is reporting, with video, that Meghan McCain got fed up with Joy Behar’s taunting and dropped some language on her. Specifically, she called her a “b***h,” not backstage, but live on air during a segment.


“I know you’re angry,” McCain continued. “I get that you’re angry that Trump’s president, like a lot of people are.”

“I’m angry about every single thing that he’s doing!” declared Behar.

“But I don’t think yelling at me is going to fix the problem, okay,” said McCain, a line that earned some applause. “I just said it was hard for me,” she said of watching family friend Sen. Lindsey Graham get behind the president. “I’m trying to explain why 2020 is not in the bag for you,” she added.

Whoopi intervened to try to calm things down, but when McCain noted that she has to be “the sacrificial Republican every day” on the show, Behar said mockingly, “Aww.”

“Oh, don’t feel bad for me, bitch, I’m paid to do this, OK?” snapped McCain. “Don’t feel bad for me.”

The View quickly went to a commercial at that point and came back attempting to play the entire ordeal off. Behar and McCain both claimed the expletive was common language among them and that they call each other that all the time.

Don’t gaslight me, bro.

I’d give that about a 2% chance of actually being true. McCain and Behar clearly do not like each other and recent reports say that their clashes have reached a boiling point. Whoopi Goldberg is said to be on her last limb with the situation and if push comes to shove, it’s going to be McCain who leaves.


As an aside, this is why I can’t take a lot of the Trump critics on the right seriously. Many of the same people who insist that Trump is unfit because he lacks decency in his language will cheerlead this scene by McCain as giving Behar what she deserves. And maybe she does deserve it but spare me the gnashing of teeth when Trump doesn’t speak like a Puritan at all times.

Some of the nastiest critiques I’ve seen coming from the right in the last three years have come from certain Never Trumpers using name calling, personal attacks, and bad faith arguments all along the way. Politics has always been a barroom brawl, Trump is just a bit more honest about it.

Regarding McCain, I don’t expect her to be on The View much longer subject to what her contract conditions are. We’ll see what her next venture is after that.


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