BREAKING: YouTube Just Caved and Demonetized Steven Crowder's Channel

After initially signaling they wouldn’t ban his channel, YouTube has apparently decided to hand perpetual whiner Carlos Maza a consolation prize.

They have demonetized Steve Crowder’s YouTube channel, meaning he can no longer make ad revenue off his videos.


This is cowardly garbage. After initially saying that Crowder had not broken in any rules (he hadn’t), they apparently got enough push back to semi-reverse their decision.

Some of us warned of this back when Alex Jones was banned. You didn’t have to endorse Jones’ silly rantings to understand that removing him from the site was a slippery slope. It’s just a matter of time before even more mainstream shows, like The Ben Shapiro Show, are removed because they publicly endorsing a scientific view of sex and gender.

This isn’t going to end and this is the time to fight. We’ll see how the right responds to this.


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