Eric Swalwell's Pathetic Presidential Campaign Just Got Even More Pathetic

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA-15). Screen grab via MSNBC.

You’d be forgiven for not knowing who the heck Eric Swalwell is. He’s fancied himself a #resistance leader over the last few years, showing up on various cable networks trying to promote his brand. Swalwell’s biggest contribution to the public debate has been to threaten to use nuclear weapons against gun owners. So there’s that.


Despite the fact that he has no support base, he decided it’d be a good idea to join the 2020 Democrat primary race. It’s gone about as well as you’d expect. He’s currently polling at 0% and is gyrating about trying to gain attention.

Take this pathetic fundraising tweet, for example.

When the campaign hasn’t even really begun and you are already shilling for money on the basis of how “ruff” your campaign is going, it’s probably time to pack it in.

No matter though, Swalwell has decided to go full Beto O’Rourke now, apologizing for being a “white guy” and desperately trying to pander to the left-wing base.

My word, that’s awkward to watch.

This has been his line for a while now. That he knows “when to pass the mic,” but hey please still elect me President. It’s obviously been a very effective message for him or something.


This is the insanity of the inter-sectional left on full display. By his own logic, Swalwell should not be running for President but his own ambition won’t allow him to fully submit to what he’s trying to sell. If he wants to pass the mic, pass the mic and endorse a woman. Instead, he wants to have it both ways and it’s just full on cringe.

Inter-sectionalism always leads to the destruction of its own. When you split everyone into identify groups, all jockeying for power, it’s inevitable that victim culture will overtake itself. That’s a good thing in the end, although it’s not going to be pretty along the way.


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