Bill Barr Gives a Master Class in Trolling During Interview With Bill Hemmer

William Barr – Caricature by DonkeyHotey, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

This guy is a hilarious and I think he realizes it.

Just the other day, he prodded Nancy Pelosi to her face by asking her if she brought her handcuffs. He’s triggered liberals everywhere by correctly pointing out that it does look like the FBI spied on the Trump campaign. His latest entry into the trollery hall of fame comes courtesy of a conversation about whether Trump calling the Russia investigation a “witch hunt” was accurate.


When asked about the president’s use of the term “witch hunt,” he said he was comfortable with it.

“Because at the time he was saying he was innocent and that he was being falsely accused. And if you’re falsely accused, you would think that something was a witch hunt. I have to say when you step back and look at this, two-and-a-half years of his administration — three years of the Trump campaign and first part of his administration — he has been hammered for something — for allegedly conspiring with the Russians. We now know that was simply false,” Barr said.

“I use what words I use and it was an investigation. But I think if I had been falsely accused, I would be comfortable saying it was a witch hunt.”

Somewhere, Adam Schiff’s comically small neck just tensed up, blood vessels sprouting grotesquely. I’m truly not worthy of the level of trolling I just witnessed.

What Barr is doing is simply responding in kind to Democrats and the media, who’ve operated in nothing but bad faith toward him. He’s been relentlessly attacked, without actual evidence, as a hack simply for trying to do his job. You know, because someone trying to protect the President would release the Mueller report publicly and give Democrats an almost 100% unredacted copy for them to go nuts with (which none of them have read BTW).


There’s ample reason to suspect wrongdoing during the Trump-Russia probe and Barr is completely justified in his appointment of a prosecutor to took into all of it. Democrats can flail about and the media can gnash their teeth, but there would be no trust left in our institutions if Barr were to just let what happened go. The IG report is on the way and looks to be brutal. After that, things get really interesting as criminal referrals are likely to flow from Horowitz’s findings.

In the meantime, Barr seems to be having a blast making light of the ridiculousness we’ve seen over the last two years.


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