11 Year Old "Drag Queen” Demonstrates Snorting Ketamine, Authorities Stand Idly By

11 year old drag queen “Desmond is Amazing” has been making the rounds on media for over two years now. He, along with another little boy who calls himself “Lactatia,” has been the subject of glowing spreads in publications like Elle, as well as being celebrated on shows like Good Morning America. All along the way, liberals have promoted what’s going on as empowerment and progress.


Disgusting is too mellow of a word for this, as things have only gotten more disturbing as time has progressed.


At 10 years old, “Lactatia” was photographed posing with a naked man.

I have no idea how authorities didn’t react to that, but they didn’t. Were they scared of the blow back from the LGBTQ community? I don’t know, but it’s crazy that a ten year old was allowed to take photos with a naked man without any repercussions for the parents.


Now “Desmond is Amazing” is back in the news after a video has emerged of him hanging out with another middle-aged drag queen and mimicking snorting Ketamine, which is a horse tranquilizer used in clubs as a psychedelic.

The video is tough to watch because of just how sad it is to see a child abused like this. No kid is naturally this way. This is learned behavior pushed by his parents who have a desperate desire to be famous. His mother, who’s been promoted along side him, is an awful parent who has no business retaining custody of her child at this point.

Children have been taken away from parents for far, far less than this. That’s not to say all those cases are legitimate and that the government doesn’t overstep at times, but in this case you’ve got an 11 year old who’s clearly being emotionally and mentally abused. He’s also being exposed to dangerous lifestyles, hanging out with mentally ill men who like to dress like women, do illicit drugs, and take naked pictures with minors. There’s nothing normal, safe, or healthy about this.

This is child abuse, plain and simple. It’s time for authorities to step in and do something.


UPDATE: It’s come to my attention that the kid in the newest video is actually “Desmond is Amazing,” another child drag queen that’s been widely promoted (including on Good Morning America). I’ve updated the article to reflect that as sources were conflicting at first. Regardless, as far as the editorial portion of this article goes, everything stands. This is child abuse and the authorities need to act.


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