CNN Goes Don Corleone in Headline on John Durham's Appointment to Investigate the Trump-Russia Probe

John Durham has been appointed by AG Bill Barr to investigation the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation and that’s got some people up in arms.

The problem is that Durham has been so lauded on a bi-partisan basis in the past that it’s going to be difficult for Democrats to now paint him as a Trump sycophant.


That didn’t stop CNN from signaling that there’s only one outcome to his investigation that they’ll accept.

What exactly is putting his apolitical reputation on the line?

It almost sounds like CNN is threatening to destroy his reputation if he doesn’t come to the right conclusions. Make no mistake, if he finds criminal wrongdoing, that’s exactly what they’ll do. Durham will immediately become a pariah that must be discredited as a partisan.

The odd thing is that I don’t ever remember the media spinning Mueller’s investigation as a test of his apolitical reputation. Because when the investigation is into a Republican and his associates, it’s just law enforcement doing their job and don’t you dare question their motives. But when there’s an investigation into Obama officials, suddenly, it’s a test of the prosecutors apolitical reputation and he must tread carefully.


In other words, CNN is telling Durham “that’s a nice reputation you’ve got there, be a shame if anything were to happen to it.”


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