Students Walk Out of School Shooting Vigil After Democrat Politicians Try to Politicize the Tragedy

A pretty incredible scene played out last night at a vigil being held for the victims of the Highlands Ranch school shooting, which occurred on Tuesday.

The students expected the event to be one honoring of their friends. Instead, they got a lineup of Democrat politicians and activists pushing a political agenda, including using it as an election rally.


The grossness of it all was too much for the students. They stormed out of the building, deciding to instead go stand in the rain to continue the vigil.

There is no ambiguity about why the students did this. Multiple sources are reporting comments from the students saying it was specifically because these Democrat politicians and hack activists decided to interject their own politics into what was supposed to be a solemn occasion focused on the victims.


Further showing their disdain, the students then began to chant “mental health” as they crowded around a flag pole holding up their phones for light.

This was not the time or place for these Democrats and activists to hold a gun control/2020 election rally. It’s unbelievably insensitive for them to try to do so and it ignores the greater issues at stake here when talking about these shootings.

The guns, in this case, were stolen. Laws already prohibit everything that occurred here. What could have prevented this wasn’t more meaningless gun laws, as many of the students recognized. Instead, there needs to be a focus on dealing with mental illness. The warning signs were all there. These two students were deeply troubled and their social media postings alone showed that.


Instead of trying to use school shooting victims as pawns and bashing “thoughts and prayers,” there are actually things we could be working towards that could help the situation.

Hopefully, this is wake up call to liberals who continue to gracelessly politicize this issue while ignoring common sense solutions that don’t fit their narrative.


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