BREAKING: Suspect in Denver School Shooting Is Transgender, Possibly Motivated by Revenge

We are learning a bit more about the motive of yesterday’s school shooting at Highlands Ranch, a STEM school in Denver.

It’s being reported that one of the suspects is transgender and that the shooting may have been motivated by revenge and anger toward specific students.


The phrase “beyond bullying” is a bit vague. Are they saying that bullying wasn’t a factor or that it was a starting factor that developed into something well beyond that, i.e. personal revenge and/or targeting people for their ideological views?

More information is needed and we are learning about the person’s politics.


None of this is to say that simply being transgender causes a person to shoot up a school. No group of people should be maligned for the actions of a few.

Regardless, the facts of this specific person’s identity and motivations are newsworthy. There have been no reports on the second suspect yet. We’ll keep you updated when that comes.


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