Democrat Rep Accidently Admits What Impeachment Is Really About

Well, maybe it wasn’t an accident, but it certainly isn’t the kind of thing Nancy Pelosi wants being said.

Democrats are currently at a fever pitch regarding impeaching President Trump. It doesn’t matter that he’s objectively done nothing that measures up to impeachment, they just want it done. While they will claim that it’s a principled pursuit, the truth is much simpler. They want Trump gone for political reasons.


In case anyone was left unconvinced of that, here’s Rep. Al Green letting the cat out of the bag.

You don’t say?

What the video shows is a Democratic House Representative boiling impeachment down to nothing more than a political escape hatch for the opposition party. It’s also clear that even though they know the Senate would never convict, they see impeachment as an albatross to hang around Trump’s neck in the middle of an election season.

It’s a complete abuse of the system but there are no boundaries anymore. Democrats are willing to do absolutely anything to regain power.

Meanwhile, the American people don’t seem so keen on the idea.

If Democrats keep playing these games, it’s going to end up hurting them in 2020. In fact, I don’t think Trump should even fear impeachment at this point. If I were him, I’d come out publicly and call their bluff. Tell them to start the proceedings if they feel like they’ve got the goods, but that they don’t get to play games with side-show investigations while not actually having to guts to impeach.


Pelosi has a tough job ahead as she’s seemingly losing control of her party. Good luck to her trying to keep all the insanity contained.


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